MP1 Art Work

​The first art assignment that we did were the ceiling tiles. For my ceiling tile I chose to do a nun from the show American Horror Story. I chose to do this because this is my favorite character on my favorite show. I am very proud of how it turned out, It took about 4 class periods to do and 1 class period to perfect and touch up on the red background and freshen up the white paint for the nun.

The second assignment that we did was a self portrait. I chose a photo of me a couple weeks before where I got dressed up to go to a wedding. I chose this photo because it is a very good memory that I want to remember. When I first heard about this assignment I got a lit anxious because when artist draw themselves it's a bad habit that they have to want to change physical features they have to make themselves look more how they would like to look in real life. For this drawing I stuck to the photo I traced the image and got to work. I stayed in a mindset as if someone else was drawing me. Im very surprised on how this turned out and I think this is one of my best pieces that I have ever drawn.