MP1 Art Work

The first assignment we did this quarter was ceiling tiles. I chose to use Kyrie Irving’s logo as my ceiling tile because he is one of my favorite basketball players, he is arguably the best point guard in the whole NBA. I chose the color scheme of green and white because he was recently traded to the Boston Celtics. I have always been curious about splatter paint and how to properly do it. Ms. Hull always pushes us to do more or to at least try to make the assignment, so I decided why not just try splatter paint.  I was very proud of my end result because it came out exactly how I pictured it in my head.

My second assignment was a fall wall hang. Since most people in the class were choosing to do things that were thanksgiving themed, I chose to go with the Halloween theme. I began brainstorming about what I should do. Then I decided to draw a bat because that relates to Halloween and they are one of my favorite animals. So I drew a bat but it was clearly not enough. So I drew a giant red moon because I felt like that would add a scary aspect to it. The moon took me forever to fully color and I didn’t get the grade that I wanted on this assignment. It kind of discouraged me and I felt like I got that grade because I just wasn’t as talented as other kids when it came down to arts and crafts.  

The third assignment was a self portrait and I had a really bad start to this assignment because I could not even draw my head the way I truly wanted to. So I ended up tracing the oval for my head and then free handed everything else. We had more time on this project than any other assignment and I still had to work on it outside of the class, I had to come in during my lunch and take it home. Just to make sure it was done on time. I was very surprised with the final product because I did not know I was capable of doing that kind of work. I was very happy with myself portrait.