Msanders 3rd movie Analyst.

​I believed the third film about the deaf lady made me experience a different feel of a movie. For the most of my life I have seen movies with dialogue and I relay on dialogue to explain parts of the movie. This movie for the most part relay on emotions and feelings. You can look at the woman's face an see emotion to it. For the story the story really interested me. The plot was a romantic-drama plot. The woman knew that on 9/11 that something bad was going to happen and her husband will get hurt. But she never knew what exactly happened. You could get the 9/11 message from her face and her concern will she was typing on her laptop. She was also very hostile towards letting her husband leave.

The writers could of left it at she was going to not see him again but she had hope. She had hope that she will see her husband again. That hope was probably enough to save him at the end. You could see the husband was hurt by all of the stage propped debris. Also the guys crying look on his face that he was hurt not only from 9/11 but also leaving her when she warned him about the day. The funny part was though the deaf wife had the tv on the breaking news but never watched the TV after 7 and never knew that the towers were falling.