Msanders Enemy of State response.

‚ÄčEnemy of the State was an alright film. I believed that the film's story really interested me and the theme taught me something new about the government. I loved the special effects portrayed by our government. Would if our government is watching my laptop right now. I'm pretty paranoid right now. They portrayed the government like some evil secret organization that that will try to ruin anyone that knows their true form. It makes me more careful in certain situations.

Individuals really have no privacy. Like what someone quoted in the movie: " You can't say Bomb, President or any other words related to the two with privacy. And even if you did absolutely nothing, the government could still be out against you. I believe that the government is taking situations to the extreme and needs to consider peoples privacy unless they are "BAD". Even  that do not ruin the man's job and especially their love life.

Like mentioned before our citizens privacy should be contained unless the government knows they are terrorist and the government shouldn't spy for personal reasons. I believe an individuals can defend for themselves on small situations.