Mstuart Quarter 4 Benchmark

Here is a link to my website which tells the story of what life would be like if congress had not passed the Us Copyright Term Extension Act in 1998.

Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.
-One of the most interesting facts was that many classic disney characters would have gone into public domain and would have been able to be ued by anyone.  Also lots of other works would have gone in too, such has Gone With The Wind and Early Ernest Hemingway works
How do the actions of individuals impact the historical record?
-In the real world the law would have never been passed if not for the work of Mary Bono, wife of Sonny Bono who originally wanted the bill.  If not for their actions, and those of Disney my hypothetical situation might have come true.
How do systemic changes impact the historical record?
-In my hypothetical situation, one of the main reason the law did not pass was because the public was against it for seeming to unconstitutional. Even though in real times this happened it was not to such a great extent that it stopped the law from passing.
How influential can one decision be in the historical landscape?
Hugely influential, with out some key acts in history, events could be drastically changed. One good vvisual example of this was in the movie "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" Where he goes through the last five minutes before someone got hit by a car and all the way it could have been avoided. 
How could this project be improved?
I believe if we had been allowed to use the 60's era there would have been more events to choice from.  However I enjoyed the project and think it's really great.
If you had it to do over, what would you change about your process for the project?
I would have chosen an event that had a greater impact of society then mine.  I also would have something older.