Music and Culture

Monisha Das                                                                                                      3-29-12

Music & Culture

“Keep Holding On”

The singer of this song is Avril Lavgine. I have been listening to her songs for the past few years. I don’t know much about her but I do know that her songs are really encouraging n heart throbbing. She has been singing for many years but has done a few movies. I cannot really relate to many of her songs that well, but when I first heard this song it really touched my heart and I just kept listening to it.

When I listen to this song, I forget about all the bad things that has happen in life and replace them with positive thoughts. I noticed that Lavgine sings as though she has been though the thing that happened in the songs. I like when a singer can connect to a song, this lets me know that I can connect to the song too.

What moves me about this song is the way the song flows and how she talks about holding on and never giving up. In my culture SquashSmarts, everyone has worked together to help each other and tell them to never give up. It does not matter who wins or losses but it matters that you have a good time and that you have fun. We have a great family bond that, kind of, matches with the some of the lyrics in the songs. The lyrics also show sportsmanship that we always show in practice and when we have games.

No matter what happens in my culture, we will never give up on each other and we will always be a great huge loving family.

Keep holding on