Musical Instrument Blog #1&2

​I have decided to make a water xylophone.  
Link to video example of water Xylophone

A water xylophone is played by a mallet like stick of something hand banging onto the instrument and the vibrations of the parts of the instrument is what makes the sound. With a water xylophone, the water and the glass jars are what vibrates and make the sound. The notes change depending on the different jars with different amounts of water in them. The more the water the more pitch the not has (lower pitch), but when the jar has less to very few water, the sound and pitch is much higher. 

The materials used for the xylophone is 5-7 jars filed with water measured in different milliliters of water, food coloring (optional to make it visually appealing), and a mallet/striking instrument to create the sound. The sound of the water xylophone is produced by vibrations of the water and the jar. The mallet contains all of the potential energy before in has any encounter with the jar with water in it. The energy transfers into kinetic energy when the mallet hits the jar. that energy is spread throughout the jar which makes the sound and creates sound waves.