Musical Instrument Blog #1


I'd like to make a trumpet.

Before getting too much into it, here is a picture to help with the terms (if the image is too small, click on the link to see it bigger):


A trumpet is horn-like, in which a person has to blow, but not air, into the mouthpiece. In the not air part, I mean that it's more a buzzing through lips than just blowing air. It is one big horn, with many different tubes connecting three valves and eventually the mouthpiece.

In changing a note, two things have to be done: the three valves on the trumpet can do many different combinations to form notes. In making a note higher or lower, a person must change the shape of their lips. A high note would be most easily produced with more closed lips and a little higher on the mouthpiece. A lower note would better be produced with more open lips on the middle of the mouthpiece.

I think maybe trumpets use hollowness to produce sounds. Maybe I could use this to my advantage in thinking of ways to make one.

All I can really say about waves is that they are formed from blowing into the trumpet. Maybe the way they change is by changing the loudness and the high/low notes.