Musical Instrument Blog #1 - The Flute

The flute has been a very intriguing instrument to me from the way it is held, to the way it is played. I have had the great opportunity of playing one and it's fairly easy once you get the hang of it. The flute is played by holding the flute to your right. Then by placing the lip plate just at the bottom of your lower lip, purse your lips together and blow as if you were saying the word "too." It takes a little while to get it but once you get the hang of it you're good. Changing notes is easy once you know how to produce sound. You have to hold down certain keys on the flute to make different notes and switch your fingers up and down and sometimes, right to left. The flute is shaped like a long rod with silver keys and is sectioned off by three pieces when disassembled. This makes me think about how easy it can be to change sound kind of like by allowing air to pass through certain holes in an instrument can effect the type of notes it plays. The connection I can make between what I am observing and what I already know about sound waves is that certain notes are louder and have a higher frequency reach people's ears faster than lower notes.

Here's a video of how to play the flute =)

Here's a video of some one playing the flute =)

Not sure if these can be viewed in school but give it a try!