My Art Pieces

Artist Statement (also included in slideshow): 
Its exciting coming into a class where you have a lot of freedom, a freedom to create something in your perspective. There are so many choices to choose from, there are so many ways the given task could be handled and it’s all up to you and thats the beauty in an art class. Throughout this class so far, several unique pieces have been produced. The first task we received was to create a drawing on a large ceiling tile. What we wanted to draw was up to us, so whatever our creative little mind could generate and agree on was our ceiling tile. In my process of this task, I was not quite sure what I wanted at first but as I started thinking more deeper and I came to the idea of integrating my country, culture and religion to my drawing. In our next task or my next piece, I decided to draw a snowflake. The earlier day, I was left in wonderment by some of the intricate pictures of snowflakes and so I came to my conclusion of drawing a snowflake with my own intricate design. In the pumpkin assignment, I wanted to draw again but I did not want it to be a plain drawing, so I decided to make it a puzzle pumpkin. Instead of using one sheet of paper to draw the whole pumpkin, I drew it on four pages and when you put the four pages together, you get one scary pumpkin. Our final piece was a self-portrait in any medium. Here, something different I tried out was taking one color and using it in different shades to create details. Altogether, the four pieces of art I created, I am very proud of it!