My Capstone: Schools in Liberia


For my capstone I went around collecting reading books, school supplies, and soccer equipment for school kids in liberia.


For my capstone I decided to collect reading books, school supplies, and soccer equipment for school kids in liberia. I came up with the idea after being introduced to a man name James Wisseh. James traveled to liberia a few years back and saw that there was a huge problem. Sense the war Liberia has been struggling to get back up. Many of the Kids that was active in the war now have nothing to and many of the kids in school are lacking books. The kids who have nothing to do and are not interested in schools are really good soccer players. Jame's are using them to help give out books to school. By doing that the kids came start feeling comfortable around schools where still playing soccer and the schools gets the books. James mad it his job to collect books and take it back but he has had trouble getting his idea out there. That's where i came in at. I've mad posters and passed them out to churches, sports store, and schools to get it out. By doing that i have collected a pretty good amount of books and soccer equipments and money to buy a few other needed things. While doing this project i have learn that fundraising is a lot of work. You have to be on top of everything or the fondrising will die. I also learned that you can’t just reach out to one group in a fundraiser and that you can’t expect everyone to want to contribute. This also helped me grow as a person and a speaker. I had to make announcements in church and put away the shyness to talk to store owner. It also help me gain better organizing skills. 

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2012-05-16 18.02.44