My Cooked Meal: Cinnamon Strousel

My famous Cinnamon Strousel 

1- 8x4 pan (greased)

2- eggs

1- cup of water

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup of flour and milk

1 box of regular/plain muffin mix

grease bottom and sides of pan evenly and set aside, mix together ingredients with box of muffin mix until all ingredients and products are combined. Add cinnamon into the mixer as it is still blending together; heat oven to 350 degrees and place pan into the oven leave it in the oven for 25-40 minutes take out and let cool


This meal was fairly easy to make because all that was really needed to make this was muffin mix but you could even use a cake batter to make the mix a lot thicker. I decided to make this meal or desert because I thought of something being able to coincide with the rest of the dishes being created as well as the overall idea of the dish being something that people would enjoy to eat. I believe that this dish is split down the middle in terms of ingredients being both whole and processed because some things like the muffin mix is a processed food ingredient because you don't find anything other than wheat in nature and so with that you have something being processed but as far as the cinnamon, the flour, the wheat all of those things are whole and unfiltered or not touched or messed with chemically. I feel as though overall this dish came out rather well and I did a good job in creating the dish and noticed that a lot of people enjoyed eating it as well as returning to get seconds, and so with that being said I believe this was a successful benchmark for me. 

In this unit I learned about different origins of food and why food is looked at as both helpful for the world population but also very harmful and what exact ways it's been harmful to the world, I also learned about about different organizations and what exactly they are doing when it comes to looking at how food is made and what we're doing as humans when it comes to food consumption. When I look at what my role is in the larger food system I look at how I have an impact on not just what I eat but also what I do when it comes to purchasing food and how I can change that and look to purchase foods that might be organic or even all vegan foods but I also look at how I help move along the progression of food production and food sales by how many times I might purchase a certain product or by how many times I go to a fast food restaurant instead of staying in and eating. I feel as though the biggest problems with our food system is that we try to hard to speed up the process of certain things so that we can get more profit out of it but in fact we're doing the opposite and not only hurting the animals in the process by feeding them food that they aren't used to eating and in some instances not even supposed to be eating but we're also hurting humans by what then happens from animals and food being treated the wrong way ie. salmonila outbreaks and deaths etc, I also believe that big name companies are looking at the consumption of food as just something to get them money without really looking at the consequences of it all and what it can lead to. Some changes I could make to my food choices would probably be not to eat so much food that's heavy in fat or sodium and try to find alternatives and to also look and understand what it is I might be eating better so that I can control how much of it I eat or even decide whether thats a good choice to eat from the start, and then by me doing this and changing my eating habits people around me might start to do the same.

Food Rules Slide Picture:

The idea of the food rule slide came from looking at different weird but also unique foods and the thought that "would you eat something that you didn't really know what it was supposed to be"
Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 7.38.09 AM
Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 7.38.09 AM