My home network

Amira Gouri

  1. Go home and look for the wire that brings the internet into your home.

    a. what does that wire look like?

    • The wire looks like a white thick string with electric thin strings inside it.

b. what room does this wire come into? - Basement

  1. Do you have a modem and a router or a combination modem and router? What is connected to this router/modem? Name all the devices that use wiFi in your home.

    • Yes, I have a modem and a router. The wire from the router is connected to the modem. The devices that use Wi-Fi is my laptop, my mom’s phone, my phone, Ipad, television, and my dad’s phone.
  2. Who is your ISP? (internet service provider)

    • Comcast
  3. how much is does the internet cost per month? *multiply the monthly cost by 12. What is that dollar amount?

    • 10 dollars per month. 10 * 12 = 120$ for a year.