My Home Network, Ella Burrows

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On my home network, it starts from the “cloud” or further known as the Internet. From there my internet provider is Earthlink, who provides my network with our wifi. We get our wifi from the phone wire that is in our living room. From there, the phone wire is also connected to our modem router. Everything on our network is wireless, which means it does not have to be connected. For instance, our computers, phones, Apple t.v, tablets and desktops are all wireless because they are not connected to our router.

I learned so much from learning about my network. I now know where my wifi comes through, and who provides it. I also learned how expensive wifi can be! I also know that anything you have taken from your computer and downloaded it or put it on the internet will always be there, so that’s why you have to be very careful about what you decide on putting on the internet.

Something I would advise for people who have a home network is to be careful and pay attention to what you decide on doing on your computer, because people could always find what you do and that could be dangerous for your future. I also would say not to download sketchy things onto your computer because that could bring viruses onto your computer.