My home network Kielar

My home network begins with the internet being transmitted into my modem/router. Next are the two devices that are hard wired in are my smart TV and desktop computer. Both of these devices are connected to my modem/router through an Ethernet cable. Then my combination of a modem and router allows wifi to be wirelessly distributed throughout my home and a set of devices are connected to this signal. Those devices are two laptops, four phones, an ipad, an X-Box 360, and a printer. This is my home network. Some thing I had learned about networks is all of this connection happens so quickly. I had been so surprised when we had learned about the really long journey the parts for a website take and the speed at which they complete this journey is incredible. Something that i would tell people about having a home network is that with a little bit of work anyone can find everything that you did on the internet. All the things you went on can be found and nothing is truly ever deleted. These are the things that that i would like for people to know about having a home network.