My Incredibly Late Digital Story

Sophia Henninger

Audio of poem is above.

Text is below.

Drawing is located below text of poem.

For the digital story project, I wanted to take the opportunity to write something that I’ve been meaning to for a long time. In grade school we had an assignment to write a poem. What I ended up writing was dark and strange, much unlike what my other classmates had written. Though most of the details of the piece have been lost in the past few years, I can still remember being extremely proud of what I had written. So for this project, I’m going to try and recreate the poem from the few details I do remember. 

The One Beneath the Window

I hear you outside,

You outside my window,

Silly thing.

I hear you shuffle your feet,

Back and forth under my pane.

I hear your words,

Trying to slip between the cracks

And pry open the window.

Your are words calm

And steady.

You have much patience,

But you’ve been here before,

Every morn leaving,

Weary and hollow.

Your words grow louder

With my every denial.

Your pleading flattery falters a little more

With every nay from my mouth.

The veil of kindness

Is dissolved from your mind

By the acidic rage now overcoming it.

Once words so sweet

With only a hint of desire,

Used to trickle through

The faults of my pane.

Now they bombard the window

Giving up

On lulling the lock

Into submission

And gunning straight for me.

You thought it best to change my mind once,

But your patience has worn away, 

Your manners out of commission.

An animal hunger envelopes

Any humanity left in your bones.

The window still stands

Between you and I.

It’s once minor splits,

Now canyons, turning the world

Behind it into a reflection

In a muddled lake. 

One wisp of a breeze

And I will no longer have a choice.

Canyons will erupt and

You will devour me.

I only have one choice left,

Blow a kiss

And welcome you in.