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On my first blog post I basically described what I chose for my You and the World is the issue of animal abuse. I chose this topic than any other one because I have a lot of history with understanding animals that were abused and I want to educate the public about the topic. Also, I see animals as living creatures just like humans are living creatures.  Animal abuse is simply when an animal gets harmed, neglected, and/or a does not care for an animal responsibly by a person. In other words, to hurt or to be cruel to an animal would be against the law no matter what.  This the significance of the public being aware of the issue is really serious.

On my last blog post I described my survey for my original research and why I did it. I collected data on a survey so I can educate the public about animal abuse because my main goal was to educate the public. Unfortunately, the results helped inform me on my You and the World issue because this research show how uneducated the public is about the issue of animal abuse. The average person would fail my survey! This added to my understanding of animal abuse that a lot of people do not take animal abuse seriously.When I was done my research I had some strong personal opinions on how people did on my survey and I was disappointed. For example,  the average grade for my survey is a failing grade. One thing that I was still wondering about was why my community is so uneducated about animal abuse.

In my research,  one thing that has been done raise awareness of your issue and to elicit positive change was making a website like the one I did. I made this website for my school because when I did my survey the majority of the people who took it failed. The point of it was to educate the public because it contain all kinds of facts about animal abuse. Another thing that has been are currently being done yearly to raise awareness of  my issue is animal abuse awareness month. During the month (which happens during april) you are asked to wear bright orange to grab people's attention and when they ask you why you are wear a bright orange shirt you say that it is for animal abuse awareness. My opinion on these ways on change are agreeable but wearing an orange shirt it not going to be the only way to change. In my opinion wearing a orange shirt will make people aware of the issue but it will not lead them to make change. For example, if a lot people went to government building and demand for stricter laws for animal abuse then that would probably get people to change.

As I said earlier in the blog for my agent of change I pursued  to make a website. The reason why I did made this website  was because when I sent out a survey to my teachers and classmates about animal abuse and the majority of the people who took the survey failed. Therefore, after that I came up with the idea to make a website to educate the public about animal abuse so my peers in school would be more informed about it. My website contained to inside and outs of animal abuse. This website informs the reader about topics such as factory farming, dog & cockfighting, animal testing, and circus abuse.

This is a screenshot of me working on a software to create my website.

My change has not been so big but I at least informed so people about animal abuse so you could say that I have made multiple changes. Just look at this screenshot of these comments for example. In addition, these comments made me feel great through this project I learned that I not only made a website to inform people but to make them more aware. As I was making this website I learned that if I put in a lot of hard-work and time that things can get done the way that you want them to. Also, I learned that now some students in my school are more educated about animal abuse than ever before. One thing that I feel like I could have done better was to start the website earlier because it could have looked so much more professional. For example, I could have found more research on different types of animal abuse. One thing that has to change is how seriously people take animal abuse. Although, there were many people who learned a lot about animal abuse, I noticed that people still do not take it as seriously.

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Ethan Halprin (Student 2018)
Ethan Halprin

I think you did a really good job. Your website looks great and although it's small, it is still helpful. I think it would have been cool if you made a presentation or put up flyers as well, so there was something physical about the project. That way, it would inform more people, and more people could find this website.