My Media Fluency

Media Fluency (2)

I made the slide look like this because it decorates it with the pictures that have my passions which gives clues or hints to the audience, so they know what I like, for example I included a picture of a drawn flower, which shows my passion of drawing, and a picture of a mannequin, and designer tools, and the words shown in big letters saying “Fashion Designer” next to it, which shows my passion, and my dream career of fashion designer. I included warm/light colors for the background and the words, to make it eye catching, and to show my favorite colors. I learned from the sites that you have to make it visual so it could be understood when seen. Make type big, or size so people could see it big, nice and clear without any problems, I also included my favorite fonts. Empty space so the background could be shown and make it simple and professional. Have a visual theme, I only included a few basic colors, that would look good with the background, and design.