My Memories

When I first saw the portrait, I said to myself: “This painting will go great with the atmosphere of my house”. When we got home we couldn’t figure out where to put the portrait. I suggested why don’t we put the portrait behind the dining table. My parents said “That not a bad idea because it fits the area around it. So we all agreed to put it in the dining area and when we stood back and looked at it, we all said “It looks perfect here.”

Quite a few months back I move into a small apartment with my parents. The area around seemed empty because where the apartment is, it is surrounded by garages. The apartment was small yet durable it had a deck so I can go outside and had a electric stove. First we got the heavy stuff in the way so it won’t be much of a hassle at the end. Next we got lighter stuff out of the way and then a week later we got the internet and cable up in the apartment.

During my life there was a lot moving and here I am going to tell you from the beginning. When I was born, I use to lived on Brighton St. near where there use to be a HESS nothing much happened at Brighton Street.

Next I moved to Frankford Ave where I lived most of my life. A lot as happened on Frankford, some good some bad. I call it a small apartment with a lot of memories, For example a squirrel came into our apartment without any notice and me and my mom were scared to go near it, so my mom called her boyfriend without telling him what the situation was. When he got there my mom just tells her boyfriend about the situation and her boyfriend got the broom with a nervous look on his face and he knock it down the stairs and it ran out the door never to be seen again. When I lived on Frankford Ave. I met two people named Alexis but people call her Lexi and a boy named Anthony but people called him Ant. after we became great friends as the when we started to hang out but as much because they kept coming and going for a while and all of the sudden we stopped seeing each other for a long time and we have not seen them since then.The reason we moved out of Frankford Ave was because a drunk man kicked our door open in the middle of the night and my mom called to police and nothing happened after the fact.

Next I lived on Disston St. Not a lot of has happened on Disston, but the only thing I remember is inviting my friends over and pool parties. I had a great time at Disston Street, but we had to move and I really liked it there.

Then a few years later, we moved to Tyson. There was really no memories at Tyson because we moved not even a year later because the neighborhood was a bit crazy.

When I moved to Marsden St. we had some memories there for example I made some new friends there, got my new pet there for Christmas, and met my uncle who I have never seen on the same day. I also graduated Austin Meehan Middle School and when to Lincoln High School and a year later I started my first year of Science Leadership Academy. When I first saw Science Leadership Academy, it looked like a office building from the outside. When I started to go to Science Leadership Academy, I was excited and nervous at the same time because it was great to be in a new school and make new friends and nervous because it was a new school, new neighborhood, and new faces. I was scared because I was afraid to make a bad first impression at my new school. When I saw the schedule I was so lost because at Science Leadership Academy they call them bands instead of periods and the letters were confusing because I did not know where any of my classes were. As I started to go there I started pick the pattern that was happening and after three months, I started to get the hang of it.

After that I moved to Vandike St. with my mom and her boyfriend and as we are living here at Vandike St., we are creating memories. So these are all of my past memories that I can think of on the top of my head.