My New Media Fluency Slide

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This is my new and improved slide based on criticism. I didn't present my last slide, but I went around and asked for opinions and decided to make an entire new one. My last slide I do regret, it was very messy. On my new slide, I learned from other presentation critiques to use a high quality picture for the background. I also put a quote in white color to make it stand out more. This slide is definitly a major improvement from my last.

Comments (5)

Vilma Martinez (Student 2017)
Vilma Martinez

I noticed that your new slide looks much more clearer than your old slide. I wonder if you could have used a different font. What if you did use a different font, would it make more sense?

Haisha Hahsy (Student 2017)
Haisha Hahsy

I noticed that you new slide much better than your old. Now its simple and sweet. The text it working because you almost think that the text is written in chocolate as well. I wonder if you make the text black how would it look and what if you add some more to it like words?

Harrison Freed (Student 2017)
Harrison Freed

I wonder if you knew that this post was meant to be an update to the previous post, containing both scripts and both slides for this project. I notice that you " put a quote in white color to make it stand out more," but part of the picture is white (cancelling out the "stand out" bit) and the font is in a goofy cursive (cancelling the "stand out" bit even more). What if you had chosen a darker picture of chocolate, to contrast the text?