My slide 2.0

After my first presentation I learned that I shouldn't have a lot of dead room so I chose one of my pictures and made the image the main theme of my slide. I changed the colors from blue and black to red and white because I thought it would work with a red image and white writing because it makes the writing pop out of the image. I made sure that the amount of contrast I used made the background give a little glow which makes the writing pop out more even more. I stead with the large writing so you could see the slide from a distance I kept the same background from my last slide and recolored it and make the batter picture transparent to make the picture look shinier. Thank you signing out.

Comments (8)

Ruby Ginsburg (Student 2020)
Ruby Ginsburg

This slide works really well because the color of the text is also present in the background picture which ties it all together. I would note, however, that the background image looks stretched out and disproportional because of the dimensions.

William Flenner (Student 2020)
William Flenner

Great contrast of colors and eliminating the unused space in your previous slide, as mentioned in your Reflection. The size of your text works because it is not covering everything (except for a few baseball fans, but their faces are not necessary), you organized this very well.

Thomas Gualtieri (Student 2020)
Thomas Gualtieri

This slide continues the theme of your first slide incredibly well. You keep the red colors and focus on baseball but let it be much more simplistic. Your name pops out in front of the crowd and the picture is exciting.