My Tech Slide

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My slide as you can see is my name constructed by all of the things that make up who I am. First, there are lines under the images to show that I am still learning new things, gaining interests and still forming my identity. In addition to that, the first two letters, only have one image duplicated multiple times but the i in my name has multiple images. This relates to the theme that my identity still forming. I will also explain to you the decisions that I made about the format and appearance of the slide.

The A in my name has all baseballs. This is because of my love of baseball. I have played for 11 years and hope to bring my talents to SLA to win the championship. The V in my name has all lobsters. This is because my family goes to Maine every summer. We eat lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seriously, it’s gross. I have been going to Maine since I was 7 and have always loved it because of its natural and rural simplicity. The I in my name has a couple different pictures. As I said before, this symbolizes the ever evolving part of my identity. The pictures on the top of the I are a stylus, the SLA logo and a bulldog. The stylus represents my love for writing. The SLA logo represents what this school means to me and how SLA will influence my future. The picture of a bulldog represents that I’m a dog person and hope to have a dog when I’m an adult. The middle image is a flame. This doesn’t represent Brendan’s mixtape, sorry. This represents a fire that happened last April across the street from my house. Two houses literally exploded due to a gas pipe somehow fusing with the heater of my neighbors house. The first bottom picture represents my appreciation for rap. I have been listening to rap since I was 7 or 8 and it kinda runs in the family. The second picture is a question mark. This symbolizes how I feel like I’m a little misunderstood. I feel like people are sometimes too quick to make assumptions about me and then use that assumption to label me. The last picture is pretty self explanatory. I’m one of the only guys you’ll ever meet who likes reading. I will now explain the format and design of the slide.

I wanted to make this name collage because it represents all the things that I associate myself with in a clear and creative way. In the IKEA billboards that were good, the design was simple, could be looked at for a few seconds and instantly be understood. I feel like this slide is easily read and people understand that it says “Avi” and has images that represent who I am.