My Toast for Change (Infants with Hydrocephalus in Sub-Saharan) (Blog #3)

Hydro Visua limage  .001
Hydro Visua limage .001

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Above, is a visual I have made to raise awareness in my school and in my community. This is one of the many ideas I have to not only raise awareness for the children with Hydrocephalus in Sub-Saharan Africa but also to really help them in a straight contact way. I have started a donation fund that I will be posting soon as a blog and also on my twitter ( @nikkiadeli ). Just from a person to person base I have raised 30 dollars in the past 3 days. I am researching different organizations to donate to but hopefully I can get in touch with some as soon as possible. The main idea I have for change now is to create a brace for mothers of infants who have hydrocephalus. In most of the developing affected countries, mothers of the infants are constantly working to provide not only for the baby affected by hydrocephalus but also for her other kids and family. 
In the picture above, a mother is displayed holding her baby with a sling that is tightened around her body to hold the baby on her back. This sort of maneuver of grasping the baby is horrible for babies with Hydrocephalus. As the fluid in the brain gradually increases, the baby's head becomes more heavier for the baby itself to hold up on their own. The mother of the baby usually holds up the head when sitting down or standing. But this isn't an option when farming and harvesting food. Another obstacle the baby and mother must face. But the brace I am designing will give the chance for the mother to harvest, farm, and complete everyday chores without worrying about her baby's head being to heavy for the baby to handle. The brace attached to the sling around the mother will hold up the baby's head comfortably and effectively. If this sling brace actually starts to work, my dream is to produce more for these with a partnership with a charity or a program that would work with me to help change these families lives for the better. 

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