Myth Project

My myth project was on Eirene, the goddess of Peace. Each student had to pick a character from mythology. So it had to be a god/goddess, hero, or another figure from greek mythology or history. We just had to cover the basic information, a myth, and why do we think anient people might have been interested in the figure. Our final project was a poster with the four sections.

Basic Information

Name: Eirene


·      Olive branch

·      Peace sign

·      Birds

·      Clouds

·      Flowers

Relative of:

·      Zeus (daughter)

·      Themis (daughter)

·      Eunomia (sister)

·      Dike (sister)

Enemy of:

·      Polemos (god of war)

Where she is from:

·      Greek myths

·      Roman myths

·      Latin myths

Other names:

·      Eirhnh (Greek)

·      Pax (Latin)

Described as:

·      Heavenly qualities of calm, quiet, and still.

·      She is usually thought of as a young maiden wit an infant child name plutos, the god of wealth, and an olive-branch in one hand with a torch in the other.

·      Burning a pile of arms, or carrying corn-ears in her hand or upon her head.


·      Shy Eirene

·      Quiet Eirene

·      Blooming Peace


Eirene has two sisters Dike, the goddess of Justice and Eunomia, the order of good-pasture. They are always together and usually mentioned in one sentence together, you cannot say one name without saying the others. The myth is that they are always together because you cannot live without peace if you do not have justice, and you cannot live with justice if you have disorder. Some people also say that it is never a good thing to disrespect justice, destroy peace, or live in disorder.

Some people do believe that you can separate the three sisters. For example, some people believe that peace (Eirene) must be banished for the sake of justice (Dike) or that justice must be suspended in order to keep order (Eunomia). No matter how much. 
Abstractions are the things we want, or things that we inherit as people.
My Take Away

I think this myth exist because the ancient Greek people had to have a meaning for wanting peace, justice, and order. I think that they were thinking about what is it; what is the importance of it, and why do people want it. Once they thought of the meaning of Peace, they probably wanted other myths to link up to peace, so they also thought of justice and order. On the other hand, they maybe just wanted three goddesses to link up to each other to define a good way of living. Eirene is also the hora of Spring.

I believe that they made the the Hora of Spring because, when I think of Spring, I think of justice, graceful, peaceful, and things blooming. In the statue of Eirene holding plutos (wealth) and a olive branch in one hand, and a torch in the other hand, that is what I think of. Plutos reminds me of the blooming because he is a baby and he is growing every day. The torch reminds me of justice because usually you hold up a torch when you have gained justice of when you have achieved something great. The olive branch reminds me of peace and grace because the olive tree is a symbol of peace, and peace makes me think of grace so I believe that they are connected.

Eirene and her symbol

I made this symbol using illustrator application on my computer. I believe that this would be the perfect symbol for Eirene. The reason is, it represent her as the Hora of spring, the myth about her and her three sisters , Dike (justice) and Eunomia (Order) sticking together, and her being the godess of peace. Also, I imagined her having a bunch of flowers on her dress because she is the hora of Spring and a halo on her head to represent peace.



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Screen shot 2011-06-02 at 1.44.07 PM
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