Nashay Day's Capstone

Abstract: For my capstone, I decided to do a clothes drive. I am a person who is incredibly passionate about fashion, however, at the same time I am someone who really enjoys assisting people and making sure that those around me have the necessities they need to survive. My capstone consisted of me requesting that my peers give me clothes that they did not desire. I then sorted through to make sure everything was acceptable and in good condition. I then gathered them to wash them. The last and final step is to drop them off at the Salvation Army and to sell the clothes in pristine condition, the proceeds will be going to the SLA Debate Team. 

Annotated Bibliography: 

Brock, Catherine "How To Clean Thrift Store Clothing"

Part of completing this process was how to thoroughly clean the clothing that I received. This article goes into detail on what to use in order to remove certain scents and tells us how to maintain the clothing's quality. 

Hancher, Julie, "Where to Donate Used Clothes in Philly: WCI Wed" 12 Feb. 2014

This article was incredibly informative as it gave me an idea of where to donate clothes in the Philadelphia area. It lists a few sights from each area in the city which made it very easy for me to navigate people in to local stops. 

Big Green Purse "How I Collected 30 Warm Coats at my Cookies for Clothing Drive" 

This was a fascinating read! It was a unique take on collecting clothes for the greater good. It's amazing to see what people will give when there is a bit of an incentive to give. I really enjoy how she lists what to do step by step which was helpful when trying to figure out the timeline. 

Used Clothing Drive "How Do I Start?" 
This article was an amazing resource. First because it was stellar in terms of preliminary research. While the clothes drive seemed to be easy there were still many things that I did not know how to do. For example, I had no idea on how to organizing and this source laid this out incredibly. 

"How to Organize a Clothes Collection Drive - Volunteer Weekly." Volunteer Weekly. N.p., 11 Jan. 2013. Web. 20 May 2016.

This was also a vital resource. Again, this is a source that was apart of preliminary research for my timeline. This source again gives a list of how to organize what a clothes drive. The previous source had things that I could imagine but this source was the opposite. It talked about NGO's which I had no idea could play part.