Nate's ILP

Nate’s Ilp

I personally think My ILP is going really great. I spend time with my mom learning about her job as an Massagist/Chiropractor, and learn different methods and massages. I always had an interest on my mom’s job because I get to say hello to her clients and it allows her clients to come back into her work of business which increases her income. Usually on some Wednesday when my mom is working, I go around Philadelphia and hand out her business cards and tell her about what she does, having a few clients giving her a call because of me, she was able to grab their interest of getting massages. My best experience for me was probably watching different kind of videos for massaging, there are all types of massages for people who needs a specific and that’s something my mom masters in. The purpose for me to experience that so when some one ever have problems, I would know which type of massage they actually need and they can go to one, It’s part of who I am for helping others.