2014 National Day On Writing

It is probably the best place in the world. We are really passionate and committed people. We love challenges. Philadelphia is also well known its arts and our diverse culture within different races. Personally,the things I know the most about Philly is that we love our food. Any place in the world can make their version of a Philly cheesesteak, but the best ones are in Philly itself. Like Philadelphia’s emblem should just be a cheesesteak or a soft pretzel. But we aren’t just known for our food, but for our sports. Not exactly the teams, but our fans. We have the clearest die hards fans that ever been made. Opposing teams have said that of all places, Philadelphia is not on their top places to play in because of the fans. They say that is gets so loud that they can’t even here their teammates and let alone their own thoughts. Weirdly we have this obsession for the boxer Rocky Balboa. There is this scene of him running up the art museum steps while he was training, We have a statue of him right next to the art museum in the same gesture he made in that scene. There are a lot of interesting thing that Philadelphia has to offer. Our history is very interesting and worth taking a look at while you take a trip here.

But overall,this is the place I call home. I don’t know any other place I would want to be. This place is home. I grew up here, I have family, friends and memories here. If I had ever left Philly, I would count the days until I would take come back.