NCLB Act Presentation- Prezi


The reasoning for picking the NCLB Act was because I've heard about it before in middle school but never really knew what it was. I wanted to educate myself on what this act was about and how it worked. There were so many things that I knew about but didn't completely know what it was about. For example I remember hearing about AYP which means "Adequate Yearly Progress." All AYP basically means is setting a goal for example get more then 23% of the students in elementary school to score proficient or higher. Usually they use AYP for PSSA's. I decided to do my presentation using a Prezi format because I felt as though it would let me present my information in a very creative way. I also did my prevention in this format because it wouldn't be as the traditional powerpoint or boring.

Some challenges that I ran into during the process of this project was trying to put up the information on the Prezi in a creative and not boring way. Another challenge was trying to upload the Prezi so that it would play on the blog. There was code that needed to embedded into the blog which I found after about fifteen minutes of playing around with Prezi. There aren't many ways I would change my project, but if I had to I would add more pictures. I think that pictures give it a little push, and it wouldn't look so dull.

I researched a lot on why this act was made. I found out that they created this act because they seen a big percent of colored kissed who seemed not to be getting the right education. Basically they wanted all kids to achieve so they created this act and ever since they did they seen the number of kids getting below basic has dropped. The NCLB act wasn't as hard to research since this law was created around 2001 and all the information was available on the internet. 

Sites used for the project