Negative/Positive Space

Negative space is something that appears in many drawings, prints, and other works of art. In a piece of artwork, there is a subject. The subject is the main point of the drawing and it is the thing that you focus on. The negative space is what surrounds the subject.
It my cutout, I found the negative space by looking at where the subject is dark on one side, and the background is light. On the other side, the cutout is the opposite with the subject light and the background dark. The light part is positive space while the dark color is negative space.
It helps an artist to see negative space because it is possible to make illusions using negative space. There is one example of a vase drawn in positive space, and the sides of the vase create the illusion of two faces using negative space.
Seeing in negative space enhances drawings in my opinion because sometimes it allows you to see two different perspectives within the drawing. It gives complexity to a work of art.