Negative/Positive Space

1. Negative space is an art term, in which describes the space between and around the subject of an image. For example, a black object on top of a white background. The white area that is around the black object is considered the negative space. 

2. In my cut-out, negative is found on both sides of the image. On the left side, you can see the blue tree which is surrounded by orange, and the orange is the negative space. On the right side, it is the opposite, with a blue tree being surrounded by a blue negative space. 

3. Using negative space can help an artist tremendously, because they can see the object they want to surround in negative space clearly. It usually contrasts against the dark/light background which can aid an artist in designing their art piece.

4. Seeing images in negative space does help enhance the image. It emphasizes the subject in question of the artwork, and it provides balance and composition to the artwork as a whole. It also sets boundaries between negative and positive space.