Negative Space Reflection

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photo 1
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A. What is negative space?

Negative space is the part of a drawing or photograph that surrounds an object. It helps to highlight the image and draw attention to multiple parts of it, in a way that makes it look simple. Negative spaces lets you see the outline of the  

B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

1. In my cutout, I was able to find the negative space by looking at the stencil and identifying the two different colors. Based on those colors, I could see that the white shapes were the negative space and the dark grey areas were the objects. This helped me figure out what I should cut and how it compares/fits in with the other spaces.

2. In my stool drawing, I found the negative space by looking at the things behind the still life. This made it so that I was able to focus on the outline of the shapes. I shaded in the space that wasn’t part of the main objects in the drawing, which is the negative space.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps an artist to see in negative space because it adds depth to the drawing or photograph. You get to see some parts of the drawing that you wouldn’t usually be looking at.

D. How is negative space useful in creating art?

When creating art, you can do some very creative techniques with negative space to add depth and interesting aspects to your drawing. One thing that an artist can do is utilize the negative space to make the viewer see multiple images in the drawing.