Net Neutrality


I believe that Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because it directly correlates to our future being that we are internet babies. There has never been a point where technologies have been unavailable to us. If net neutrality were to be terminated it would obviously affect the speed of our internet; whether it be faster or slower. In some cases not having net neutrality would be an advantage, purely because our internet streaming becomes faster but not without a price. Those who would possess the internet fast lane would be paying an outrageous amount of money and may be limited to certain internet service providers. Those who do not invest the extra money will have their internet pipe squeezed so that so little internet comes through and will become detrimental to our living and productivity.

If Net Neutrality is enforced then it potentially can exclude an entire market for those generations coming into the workforce. If an individual had an interest in working for an internet provider such as comcast, cable, etc then they would have to seriously evaluate the situation and their future. Having Net Neutrality will mean that providers will lose their incentive to continue investing in projects that improve their networks and expanding into areas with limited or unlimited internet access. Therefore they may be less willing to take on new employees when the ISP market will no longer be thriving. Many jobs will not be available in the United States because Russia and China will gain control over ISP’s, we certainly do not more overseas jobs than we already have.

If net neutrality is enforced then we have control of what we can view on the internet without any restrictions. There are currently no restrictions on areas and content on the internet that people can access unless directly enforced from the government. All IMing, emailing, sharing files, etc are not restricted and without Net Neutrality that freedom is potentially at risk. No capitalism, throttling, censorship, and restrictions are all available using Net Neutrality and imagine what the internet would be like without those privileges.  In conclusion Net Neutrality is in favor to the people and not favorable to the alternate.