Net Neutrality

 Net neutrality is important for teens to know about because the decisions made on this topic affects them tremendously. The Federal Communications Commission is debating the laws that apply to internet service providers and the limits that are put on them. Depending on the actions taken by the FCC we will either have a free and open internet or an internet ruled by our internet service providers. Teenagers are soon going to be the people in charge of making these decisions for the public, so it is important that we learn about these things now. Teenagers are always using technology and are constantly online and using the internet so it only makes sense that we are informed about what is going on with these topics. 

Net neutrality is the idea that your internet, cellular, and television providers should treat all data the same. This means that an internet user is able to use any kind of application, service, content, or equipment without interference from an ISP. Big telecommunication providers and ISPs want to get rid of net neutrality, saying that it is neither practical nor desirable. In my opinion it is important that we protect net neutrality, otherwise our internet will turn into a dictatorship, with ISPs ruling over everything. The only people who would benefit from an internet without net neutrality is internet service providers. They could up their prices and charge both the consumers and the companies that own sites. 

So what I'm trying to get at is that net neutrality is important for everyone to know about, even teens. And if you have an opportunity to learn about net neutrality, take it. Because the choices that are made concerning this topic will affect everyone of all ages. 

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