Net Neutrality (Emma Schwingel-Sauer)

  Net Neutrality allows everyone to see everything equally. Without it, ISPs (such as Comast and Verizon) will choose what pops up when you search for a specific topic. If we have net neutrality it allows anyone's idea to be spread the same as any other. It does not matter whether someone has more money than someone else. Net neautrality allows more thorough research. This is because if someone shops a lot on their computer while someone else only researches about science on a different computer and they search the same topic, they will end up getting different websites because of their previous history.
  If we get rid of net neutrality it will allow big companies, ISPs, to be able to block certain sites that compete with their organizations. By doing this we will be minimizing our options and sites to explore and research. The reason ISPs are controlling and CAN control is because of money. The reason there are a limited amount of ISPs is because they cost a lot of money to build up. ISPs have lots of money, but don't let them control your internet with it. You may not like what information they provide you with and it may close you out on information you could otherwise have.
  It's not just about the ISPs money controlling what you look at, but other companies that pay them even more money to ¨guide¨ you in a different direction--their direction. These corporate companies that already make tons of money are going to be making more money, yet this affects us negatively by condemning the information provided to us and rerouting us. President Obama is fighting for net neutrality and his main point is that the free, open internet has given us so much already by being able to share new ideas and political movements. He believes that there should be ¨no blocking, no throttling, increased transparency, and no paid prioritization¨ which will keep the internet free. Net neutrality is a big part of society currently as the internet is used now more than ever and we need to keep it free.

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