Net Neutrality, Feliciano Hayes (tech9 - 014 b2)

Net neutrality is affects us teens and kids more than anyone. We as teens, are the future of the internet. Anything that happens with net neutrality affects us more than anyone. It is very important for teens to know about net neutrality. Why? because as a generation that does everything through the internet, we should know what is going on with it.

Net neutrality controls ISPs, or AKA the middle man. Without net neutrality ISP’s wouldn't be fair. ISP’s receive the inter web, and then sells it at high prices to their customers, making it the middle man.They also give you a limited speed and access. People have to pay more money to get faster speeds, and more accessibility to more websites.

Without net neutrality, ISPs would be able to create new plans to charge customers more for services.  This would make it harder for people to interact online. The internet could become similar to the cable television because gatekeepers control what we can and get to watch. This use of the internet is unproductive and might destroy the quality.