Net Neutrality (Kara Lazorko)

To start off,  net neutrality is something that everyone who uses the Internet needs. It is not fair to have certain websites blocked off. The Internet is like a jungle filled with wild things. In that case, those wild things (websites) need to be accessed by certain internet users. For most people, that is not fair.
Net neutrality is important for teens to know about, because it widens their knowledge of the Internet. There may be those people who wonder why they cannot access certain websites. It would be really useful to know about it. Net Neutrality was/ is a giant issue! You cannot ignore what goes on behind something like the Internet that everyone seems to be using.
In conclusion,  net neutrality is not s light topic. It would be useful to those everyday Internet users to know. Specifically, teens use the Internet a log now and these days! So it would be useful knowledge for them. Also, for the school district, the wifi blocks off certain websites from students trying to access them.
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