Net Neutrality and Teens - Kopf

Net neutrality is a very important set of rules that many people believe should be put in the ¨book of internet rules¨. Basically net neutrality is the rules that would govern the fairness of the internet. Internet Service Providers or ISPs sort of rule the internet right now and net neutrality would govern what they can and couldn’t do. Essentially net neutrality would make sure everything was fair with the internet, no fast lane or slow lanes and no slowing down content if it’s legal. Net neutrality is liked and wanted by numerous people, including our President Barack Obama.

Right now there are a couple problems with the internet, a lot of that having to do with net neutrality not being enforced. Currently the ISPs have been slowing down certain sites and then asking if they want to pay extra for a fast lane. This type of thing happened with Netflix and it got them pretty angry. The ISPs have a serious power over the internet and without these rules they could speed up, slow down, or block content as they wanted.

Now that you know what Net Neutrality is and what’s wrong, I’ll explain why its important for this upcoming generation and the generations after them to know more about net neutrality. Teens these days and even young children go on the internet constantly and it really affects their daily life. Also they are going to grow up and have to deal with these problems. It’s really important that teens are prepared and knowledgeable about the internet and what’s going on with it. If they aren’t and the internet is still part of their daily lives they will just be affected by the decisions made and not be able to participate in fixing it or preventing bad usage. In general as long as they know what’s going on they have the ability and chance to take a stand for what will affect them in the future and now.