Net Neutrality Awareness for Teens // Burrows

Net Neutrality is the internet service providers allowing to access all content on the internet without it getting blocked. It is a very popular topic going around our world today, whether or not we as people should be allowed to see everything we search on the internet. Most of the people today make up as young adults and teenagers that use the internet everyday, because it is second nature. Teens should be aware of Net Neutrality and how the internet works, so they know how to use it wisely in the future and pass that knowledge down to the future generations.

They are many pros and cons to Net neutrality. Yes they are many cons to Net Neutrality and how they can limit what we see, but it can also be a good way to keep the internet safe and pure. Net Neutrality, can limit your access at looking at websites. Meaning some websites you might be able to look at and others you may not. At times that could be good because it could be blocking spam websites or inappropriate content, but then again, what you do on the internet is a private decision. Which brings me to my cons, Net Neutrality wants to be able to look at the content that you search up, and then manipulate things on that website before you can even look at it. Not only is this a violation of our privacy, but who are they to tell what we can and cannot see?

Right now, the internet is being managed by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) , which is trying to protect our rights from Net Neutrality. We as teens, need to be aware that what we are doing on the internet could become no longer private, and I think that is very important to know. Knowing thing about how our internet works now is vital to our future because this could be the future of how our internet will work and that could affect our lives in the future, especially when we depend on the internet so much.