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¨CANNOT ACCESS PAGE!¨ Has that ever popped up on your screen? Do you wonder why? That, my friend, is because you don't have net neutrality. Net neutrality is when the FCC's rules of the internet have kicked in and allow you to access any website you would like.

Net neutrality is important because if you don't have it, your internet service provider can control what content you look at on the internet. This includes blocking sites that don't pay them extra to run fast or looking up competing service providers. This can also block certain elements on a site. On Facebook, Verizon can block out opposing ISP's pages. So net neutrality benefits you and opposes ISP's.

I think net neutrality is very important. It's unfair to let some people look at some sites and others looking at other sites. It isn't equal. That is what net neutrality is all about.,d.cWc,d.cWc
ediuevfq - Edited
ediuevfq - Edited