Nevrid's Climate Change Monologue

Part 1

During this unit in World History, we have been learning the way humans have changed this world, by affecting it’s climate, and causing climate change. Climate change affects the Earth by heating the planet and causing destruction in many different ways. Humans play the biggest part in climate change, by releasing CO2 in the atmosphere from cars, factories, etc, and causing climate change. In my monologues my goal was to show the perspective of different people and nature, and how they felt about climate change. I wanted the monologues to inspire and make people actually feel and do something about climate change. I hope you enjoy them.  

Part 2

Oil Miner

(Picks up a megaphone and speak in front of a large crowd behind a fence protesting for no more mining and hurting the Earth, causing global warming.)

Guys, what do you want me to do?... Leave?!... Than what? Have no food for my family. No money to pay the bills. What do you guys think? You think i want to do this job?... No i don’t it’s something i hate doing, but it pays the bills. Mining 18 hours a day and getting payed almost minimum wage is not what i want to do, but like i said, it pays the bills. Hear me out guys. This is from the heart. You are right, but are you going to pay the bills in my house? No, you won’t. So this job is what i have to do. This protest you are doing, is hurting you more. As you can see, work is still going. Please, go home. Take rest. Coming out here is not worth it. Us workers we are just trying to bring food to the table. You should take this to the government. They can give you what you want. Protesting us to stop, is just making us angry. So, leave!... Guys we got families to feed, just leave.

Harry Cane

(Harry (Hurricane) thinking of a speech to give, to the people that he destroyed their properties.)

Im sorry! From the bottom of my heart, i want to say i’m sorry. It is my fault for doing all of this. I know your now homeless. I know you have lost everything. I know i caused this. My destruction, is something that i can’t control. The houses i knock down, the cars i flip over, the debris i make is all because i can’t control it. The better the environment around me, the less i appear, and the less dangerous i am. I’m just like you, a human. My surroundings affect me, just like they affect you. I do accept that some of it was my fault, and im sorry.

(Mummbles) Ok, here we go.

Not all of it was my fault. It was mostly your fault. This is a two way street. You can’t receive but don't give back. You take everything from this planet, destroy it, cause global warming, and think it will be okay. But it won’t. You know why?... Because of all of you. I come because of you. You treat the planet bad. I then return the favor to you. Don’t just think about your planet, think about your children. What kind of future are you leaving for them? What example are you setting for your children? Think about how they will have to pay for this. There is ways to fix this way of treatment to the planet. There are many ideas that are phenomenal, and would work greatly, but nobody does anything about it. If you get off your phones and computers, you can actually do something about your planet and follow those who already have started. Again, blame yourselves for this destruction that happened. Because of this destruction, you have no houses, no belonging, and are sitting in a crowded shelter. Think harder for what your actions bring you!

(Talks to himself) Needs more work.

Steven Gerrard

( Steven who is about to give a speech in front of his entire school about what they can do to help climate change, and what they are currently doing)

(Speaks to himself) Oh my God! … I can’t believe i’m doing this! … Hope everyone doesn’t make fun of me. …

Hi guys! How are you doing? … Great! … Look i’m not going to stand up here, and bore you. I’m going to get straight to the point. Climate change. The world has now the highest CO2 levels that there ever been and, we are in trouble. What are we doing? … Nothing! Why? … I’m curious as well. We are one of the leading schools in our area, we have the minds to accomplish change for the better, but we are not even trying. So as a school, as students, i think we should stand up, and make our own future, not one that is directed by the government. The same government that is not doing anything about this. We could start by spreading the word, to everyone that doesn’t know, and remind those who do know. Than make our way to the big steps. Start making plans on bigger things. A process that follows once we get things started. What do you guys think? … Our knowledge is here together, the people of this world are also here, we are part of it, and we are also part of the future. How about we change our future for the better, for everyone, starting now?  

Part 3
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