New and Old Me Slide

In technology we are learning about slides. Going into this topic I felt like I was not going to learn anything because I have been using a laptop and making slides for the past five years. I quickly learned that I had no idea how to make a good slide. The first website we looked at as a class, completely changed how I look at slide design. I originally thought that a slide needed to be captivating and have a lot going on as to draw the viewers attention. I now know that a slide needs to be simple and powerful, so that it gets the point across without being confusing.

Before I thought that a slides job was to get the main point across, and be organized. In my first slide I try to display my name brighter than anything else, while organizing the slide so the viewer can take turns looking at each slide. I now know that the slide should be easy for the viewer to look at. I draw attention to the colors of the symbols in my second slide using the colors of my name.
Me Slide-old
Me Slide-New

Comments (4)

Amanda Thieu (Student 2016)
Amanda Thieu

I appreciated your name in the second slide, because it looks like you're making a shadow. I understand your color choices for the name because it corresponds with the colors of the teams.

Lauren Hummel (Student 2016)
Lauren Hummel

I like what you did to change the slide. With it all sectioned off in the first one and the 'I am' it is really disturbing for the eyes. Now it looks cleaner and has coordination.