New Beginnings After a tragic ending

             Keyaira Doughty Silver stream


  New Beginnings after a tragic ending


“Tick Tock Tick Tock” my body froze, motionless I can hear the hands on the clock ticking so softly but roaring loudly in my ear. My head turned slowly towards the clock “2:00pm”.

“Key what the hell is wrong with you?”

“Oh uh nothing” that was weird.  I was walking with friend home from school since we got out early. It took us a while to get to her house but once we got there we were exhausted. After we got something to eat we sat on her porch and laughed for hours and hours, that’s when it all began. Instantly I realized I had 14 missed calls I quickly called my cousin.

“Hey wassup,” silence.

“Hello” I repeated caught of guard by the silence.

“Key, where you at? We been calling you, you need to get home now!”

“Wait, what’s wrong?”

“We’re coming to get you. Your brother died in a car accident.”

I didn’t know what to say my vision blurred, palms began to sweat. Crash, my phone fell from my grip and for once in my life I couldn’t speak.



         “Dang Kev you always cheating in something!”

         “Dang lil sis you always losing in something!” my brother laughed hysterically mocking my anger. I stared cold-heartedly at him I didn’t find a damn thing funny. I was 7 years old and he was 12 at the time. We just got done playing Street fighter 4 times and I lost each round. The thought of losing to my brother made me cringe and him rubbing it in only made it worst.

“Its not funny!”

“Your right it’s not funny key” I smiled

“Its Sad!”

“Housed!!” my cousin yelled cracking up on the floor. My smile faded quickly,

Thump, thump, thump, I stormed up the steps flushed with embarrassment.

“Aw key you know I love you and don’t worry sis ima teach you how to strategize that way when you older you can take on anybody well except me of course.”

“Chill cuz now you know aint no girl playing video games it’s a man thing that aint no girl ready for.”

I proceeded to my room as I glanced at my cousin one more time and smirked we’ll see bout that.


         Everything around me grew black and cold. None of this was making any sense how could my brother die, I just saw him yesterday? I stared at the sky reminiscing about old times we had. I could feel a storm coming and before I knew it my vision began to blur as the liquid formed into my eyes and then it rain. Tears began to drop from my eyes flooding my cheeks with streams of sorrow. Each teardrop represented the time I’d have to spend without my brother until the tears stopped symbolizing that my pain and time would be gone and I’d see him again. Just then my cousin drove up the block and signaled me to get in the car I glanced at my friend who understood it was time for me to go. I hopped in the car and drove home with my cousin silently except for the small talk about how my whole family was inside my house. Staring out the foggy window spotting families sitting on porches and little kids playing I suddenly realized my life would never be the same. We parked the car down the street from my home and began walking up the block. I signaled him to go ahead of me because I was in no rush to go home. I walked slowly to my house as people stared at me to see my reaction. I began walking up my steps as I stood frozen on my porch breathing slowing reaching for the doorknob I slowly turned it open entering my home knowing that it was time to face my reality.


Through my brother’s death I realized that the world is REAL.  Life is short my brother died at 19 and for the times I have on earth have I’m going live it to the fullest and do things I’ve never done before, be spontaneous and adventurous but most importantly have fun!  Life never goes the way you may plan it to but you have to deal with the cards you’re dealt with. I learned to never hold grudges for a tomorrow that may never come and to tell the people that matter the most to me that I love them because it maybe the last chance I get. I realized that you only get one shot at life and every minute counts no matter who you are. That person who thinks they’re above everybody (your not), or that shy boy or girl who always feels misplaced and or unwanted (your not), jus let go of all insecurities and negatives and have fun besides like Drake said, “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”