New Chloe Simmons- Reflection

Me Magazine- Revised
For this project, I've learned how to make an advertisement. I've also learned the basic rules you need to know in order to make a good advertisement. Also, I learned how to present my advertisement using the right vocabulary. So, as you can see, I've made MANY changes. As you may notice, I've made the words bigger and one solid color so it can be eye-catching and it contrast with the background. Before, it was the different colors an it made it hard to see letters from words over other letters form the words. Also, you may notice that I've rearranged the photos I did for this project. I've got rid of the picture of myself, since it was really unnecessary. I've made the pictures into a collage so it would look more organized and not make the slide seem cramp. I also made the pictures solid so it can be seen. Before, the pictures were all over the place and disorganized, making it look like the slide was done at the last minute. Also, the all the pictures were made transparent and it was hard to see pictures over other pictures. You may also notice that most are on or near the rules of thirds so the eye can immediately go to those spots. Before, everything was all over the place and it made it unpleasant to the eye. Also, the negative space helps also in this slide. For me to be able to do this, I had to do RESEARCH. Yes my friend, research is VERY important when you are doing this. It will help you with your presentation and when creating your slide, paper work, etc.  If you didn't do yours... you won't be getting that A+ anytime soon. Good luck to you buddy.