New tech slide

From the other slide, I am mimicking the same idea of the rules of the third. Like I said in the other slide, the giraffe is too big to fit in the tiny slide. So, I split the giraffe into three separate sections it make it more visually. I changed the background from the dark granite color to a very light cream color because it matches the accents on the giraffe. I also changed my lettering color to match the colors on the giraffe. I also alpha on the white parts of the pictures to blend into the cream background. I split the quote into two, the part about the sky is all the way on the top; the land part of the quote is at the bottom. 

Comments (4)

Esperanza Gonzalez (Student 2016)
Esperanza Gonzalez

I've noticed that you changed the color of your background to the color of the giraffe. I love it! It's great. What if you alpha the flooring of the giraffe on the right side. Other than, everything is perfect.

Deja Johnson (Student 2016)
Deja Johnson

I love how you changed the background of your slide. Not only that, but you used several of the tools that was given. Such as alpha and using all your space. I also like how you put your words at the top and the bottom.

Lauren Thomas (Student 2016)
Lauren Thomas

I noticed a line down the left hand side of the slide which adds away from the appeal of the slice. You could maybe darken the bottom text by a little bit to make it more readable. Also, you could alpha the flooring away from the third giraffe to making it more appealing.