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​Rick Kinard 10/11/11  Editorial-Creon takes over              

 New laws and rules were established as soon as Creon sat on the throne. One of his first rules was that Eteocles and his men were to be buried with full military honors. Those who die on the battle fight against him were to be left there, forbidding any anyone to bury them. If were anyone was caught trying to burying Polynieces or his allies, they would be stoned to death.  

The Thebian have always treated the dead with regard and respect, no matter how bad they were to them. So Creon’s orders seemed to go against the belief of many of the Thebes, and it seems to go against basic human. Talk went around that the gods would also be unhappy with these actions.  

The gods would be unhappy because it is a to refuse to bury the dead. Religion says that all life comes from the ground, and all of it must go back to the ground. When person dies, it is natural and proper for the soul move on one their body has been put to rest. If they are not put to rest their soul may be doomed to wander the earth.

The afterlife and rights of the dead are taken away by Creon’s orders. This is know among the Thebian people. They just sit is fear and do nothing to help the dead. They dear not do anything against Creon because he is the king how and hold all power over them.  

It is impossible be completely against the king because in the past this paper has been loyal to him but on the other hand it is hard to stand by and just accept his actions and not say a word. Creon has taken it upon himself to go against those who’s power and authority surpass his own the reason the people have been so fortunate, the gods. 

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After the traitors of Thebes Polynieces and his allies were destroyed, Creon stepped into power. To bury and honor Etecoles, with full military rights and honors was half of his first command. The second was to leave his brother and his fallen comrades on the battlefield to rot. All the Thebian people were hesitant because of gods’ decree as to how the dead should be cared for but would surely support this decree. However, not all the people in Thebes accepted and carried out Creon’s order.

Soon after Creon mad his orders and will clear, the guards on watch at the gates of Thebes found the body of Polynieces with a thin layer of soil covering it. The culprit was at large. This enraged Creon so he threatening to charge the guard who made the discovery with treason. Eventually the truth came out, and with further under more investigating it was found that…

The sister of Polynices and Ismene, Antigone went one night with a child’s shovel and began to cover the body of Polynices with dirt and disobeyed King Creon.

Antigone tries to defend herself by explaining that it is her duty to bury him no matter what her relationship with him was. By burying him she will be allowing him into the underworld and therefore sending him home, to the dead. From the beginning Creon made it clear, anyone that who is caught trying to bury him will be sentenced to death. His plan was to make an example of whoever tried to bury Polynices, by killing them.  

Thebian Tells Weekly was told by the sister of Antigone Ismene, that Antigone told said that she would disagreed with Creon’s commands and she would bury her brother regardless of what Creon says or does to her.