NHD Segregation in Schools Reflection

​Reflection written by Natasha Ashby
Group Members : Aaron Johnson, Amber Altomare
The link to our blog is schoolsegregation.tumblr.com


My group members and I decided to choose Aaron's topic of Segregation in Schools, 

because we felt we could really present this topic in a memorable way. As soon as we 

were given the option of partnering up, the idea of putting on a performance instantly popped

into my head. I felt as though we could tell the story better this way and get the audience engaged in what we were trying to present to them. Although we ended up changing our idea. We decided upon a website and since Aaron was already pretty skilled with Tumblr, we used that to host our information/project. We worked well together but trying to find a way to make the Tumblr interesting was kind of difficult for us. We did not just want a website with information but something different. I would add more sources and most likely pursue the performance idea. I learned about segregation in schools and like not just the regular blacks and whites separated but statistics as well. The amount of lynching due to integration, how people literally refused to go to school. It was a whole new level of racism and hatred yet included inspirational stories of survival and perseverance.