The US has had a long standing history ​in Nicaragua and has chosen quite a few of the leaders for them. This info graphic shows the pattern of the outcomes of the different leaders the U.S. approved to rule the nation. The power usually got to the leaders and ended quite badly. We chose this subject because it seemed the most interesting and Ms Jonas has close ties to the country.

Comments (5)

Tenzin Chemi (Student 2016)
Tenzin Chemi

I love this info-graphic, the art itself is able to convey the message. It's easy to follow through and simple. Each of the boxes contain a pleasant amount of information.

Miles Cruice-Barnett (Student 2016)
Miles Cruice-Barnett

The infographic is a little bit blurry when clicked on, but the images are very compelling.

I was a little confused by it at first, but after reading the explanation paragraph it was clear.

I liked the way that the whole thing flowed and after knowing what I was looking at, it was very cool.

Aaron Block (Student 2016)
Aaron Block

The art was very good and was a good representation of the information provided in the infographic. There were larger paragraphs of text that provided a lot of information but as a whole, the art was kind of separate from the information.