Nikki Adeli Media Fluency Q2

This slide shows me. It might be simple, but really, its very complex. I'm a very complex person as you can tell. I'm from Mississippi, but I live in Philadelphia. I attend Science Leadership Academy...GO ROCKETS! I also have an amazing sense of humor! I love my friends, they are my everything. I love music! Just to name a few I love LMFAO, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. I also love sports! My favorite teams are Real Madrid for soccer, Miami Heat for basketball, and the Eagles for football. Also, I am a National Spokesperson for a youth health program called Fuel up to Play 60. When I watch TV I love watching Modern Family, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the Middle. They are hilarious!!! This is just a little bit about me. Talk to me to learn more! :)

p.s. My family mean the WORLD TO ME. I didn't put them in this because they can't be in the category as all my other interests. They are in the category of their own. They are spectacular. I love them more than I love myself...that's a lot of love. 

Now to the school and technology perspective of my project. For the background of my project I chose to have a dark gray. I chose a shade of dark gray because gray matches a lot of colors. I also had a lot of pictures that had a lot of color so I wanted to use gray because it fit perfectly. The link below really helped me. This helped me figure out where to place each picture. For example I placed the Fuel up to Play 60 logo next to the rainbow picture of me and my friends. This and the colors fit very well.