Nile Ward Capstone



In collaboration with the SEPTA Youth Advisory Council, this project is the first iteration of gathering data and feedback based on students' concerns while traveling on SEPTA. The first step of the project was creating a survey that would help us gain enough information and insight into the experiences students have on SEPTA, and what can be done to improve or mitigate instances of inconvenience or disruption. Interestingly, while this survey was only sent to SLA students, it was apparent that students sent their friends outside of SLA this survey as well, as there were responses from Northeast High School. From my research, I learned that the issues that Philadelphia's youth face with transit are shared in other cities, revealing the challenges faced by transit planners and engineers in big cities. Overall, this project has helped me learn quite a lot about each students' daily experiences just traveling to and from school, and its relevance to city planning and city engineering challenges.