Nitrogen - Sam

My Print
My Print

​What is your element? Name and atomic number

Nitrogen, 7


Tell the reader about your element, history, function/use and so on.

In 1772, Daniel Rutherford sucked out the Oxygen and Co2 out of the air and examined what was left. It can be used in dyes, fertilizers, and as an explosive. Found in Ammonia, Cyanide, and Phosphazene.


How did you get the idea for the imagery you chose?

It’s most commonly a gas, so I drew a gas floating into the air in the shape of the atomic symbol and number. My favorite print was a little under-inked. I liked it because it looked more airy, and the blotches of ink only add to the effect.


What process did you go through to make this print?

I drew the design, traced it on to paper, etched the design into foam, rolled ink onto the foam and pressed that onto paper.


What would you do differently if you did this print a second time?

I accidentally etched the design forewards instead of backwards the first time and I had to re do it. I would make sure to do it right the first time if I did again.


What part of the project did you enjoy the most? Describe the step and what you liked so much about it.


Drawing the design. It was the most creative part, thus the most fun.